Application process for touring shows

Here’s a question to bounce around.* Looking at some of the big musical productions that take woodwinds on the road, the company’s job posting usually says something like this:
“To be considered, please submit a current resume and applicable playing samples (preferably videos in web link format). Further preparation of audition materials may be requested.”

When a contractor/MD says “applicable playing samples”, what do you suppose they’re looking for? Do they want a “demo reel”-style video that specifically shows you playing in a pit orchestra? If so, is it more important to showcase certain kinds of numbers than others (overture, dance, colla voce…)? How about solo rep. or other ensemble performances?

Has anyone been through this application, audition, and/or hiring experience, or something similar, and care to share what it was like? How does this compare to other auditions you’ve taken? Any contractors/MDs who wish to weigh in?

*turns out it’s several questions

Hi I’ve never auditioned for a touring company of a Broadway Show but my educated guess is that “applicable playing samples” is just that. So yes, your demo reel that just shows you playing the instruments you play and just make it your best playing. Good pitch, good sound on all instruments.

This question makes me realize I have no idea how I auditioned for Blast!/Disney in 2002. I know I kept in contact with the producers afterwards, sending recital CDs to update them and they eventually had a spot for me on the 2008 Japan tour. But I don’t recall if I sent a VHS or DVD in 2002.

On the Clarineat podcast recently he interviewed Chicago doubler Anthony Rodriguez, who played on the SpongeBob tour. There have been several other touring doublers interviewed on that show. I checked Anthony’s site and he has posted several reel clips on his videos page.

It probably goes without saying, but it is definitely worth it to have a good quality microphone.