Bassoon Vibrato?

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My teacher has assigned for us to learn vibrato on our bassoons over the summer holidays. I get the basic technique of static-mouthed sforzandos, but I’m not sure where to go from here. Even from singing, I tend to move my head a lot when adding accents, instead of using my diaphragm like I’m supposed to. How do I best work on breaking this reflex, and make it easier to vibrato properly?

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The way I teach my students vibrato, whether it’s jaw or diaphragm, is to practice whole notes with vibrato in rhythm (triplets and 16ths) with a metronome, slowly building up tempo over time.

I’ve attached an exercise with starting tempos. The slower you go the lower it’ll feel, but going faster, it’ll move up your throat a bit. I tell students to move up 3 met clicks per day, and then the next day start 1 up. So day 1 is 60-63-66, day 2 is 63-66-69.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Feel free to post an audio or video clip.

Bassoon Vibrato.pdf (173.5 KB)

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