Creating Topics and Replies

Dear Reeders,

I thought I would take a moment to show you how to create topics and how to reply to topics and posts. There’s 2 main ways to create topics: on the main screen or within a Category/sub-Category.

Creating Topics

[main screen]

[Category with sub Categories]

If you create from the main screen, you’ll need to select a Category, with or without a sub category. Using the search bar can be helpful.

You can paste links directly in the title, or within the body for a special preview box. Drag and resize photos, start a poll, add GIFs, etc.


For replying to a Topic, look for the reply arrows at the bottom of the scroll bar or at the bottom of the topic. Additionally you can reply to individual posts within a topic by hitting the reply arrow in the lower right of said post.

You can also highlight text to quote in your reply, amongst all the other usual text editing features you would expect.

For more tips, check out this blog post.

I hope this has been helpful!