Disney/Pixar's Soul

Watched it with the family a week or 2 ago (boy, time is fuzzy lately). We really enjoyed it. Some fantastic messages. Great to see the main character be a music performer and educator, as that is certainly a realistic situation.

Great music, as you would expect in a movie who’s main character is a jazz pianist. Jon Batiste scored/arranged the jazz score, Trent Reznor scored the astral plane, and Tia Fuller provided exceptional saxophone playing for the character of Dorothea Williams.

I loved the opening Disney theme played like a middle school band, going right into the first scene. I wonder if score like that is partially played by an actual middle school band. It’s actually harder than you think to sound like an authentic young band.

Here’s a great, short featurette on the music of Soul.

Have you seen Soul?

What did you think?

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Well. The music played at the beginning with the band in the classroom is indeed a middle school from Oakland. But the music before that during sleeping beauty’s castle (When you Wish Upon a Star) is a professional band. They told us to play like middle school kids and yes Dave it’s much harder than you think.

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Loved it! So well done!

That’s amazing! I’m guessing it wasn’t written like Ives’ Country Band March. Did anyone go all method, and show up with a student horn/mouthpiece?

We really didn’t know ahead of time what we were playing. It was a standard piece of music. They asked us right there to sound like a middle school with occasional instruction ( squeak, bad rhythm, missed notes, etc.). Ton of fun.

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I want to see this film!