Do you make your own reeds?

  • Yes
  • No

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made oboe reeds while in college, but since I’m now primarily on bassoon, I only make bassoon reeds

It’s more effective for me to buy reeds and adjust them. My success rate with making reeds is ~30% - and that isn’t high enough to justify the holes in my fingers from the wires…

I am lucky enough to have a few local people who will sell me high quality double reeds on Oboe/EH and Bassoon.

I don’t yet make my reeds, but I might in the future. I probably will just use legere reeds though

Yes! I agree- reed-making does take a lot of time and equipment, but now that I’ve got it, I actually find it relaxing. I’ve been having fun making cute and fun reeds on Etsy too!

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Parents gave me a kit back in the 90s, along with the Popkin & Glickman reedmaking book. Man was that book intimidating. Just didn’t understand it, didn’t get very far in the book. I finally looked it up on youtube (found Eryn Oft’s series of 3 videos to start) fall of 2019. I haven’t looked back.

That’s awesome! Please share your Etsy page.

Sure thing! My shop is called ReedingRainbowReeds and can be visited at .