Do you want to develop a side hustle as a master repair technician?

Hello! My name is Lisa Canning. I thought you might be interested in a great side hustle to learn saxophone repair in 1-2 years-no experience needed. I have run a clarinet shop for nearly 40 years now and we launched a clarinet repair course that has 17 master techs in training enrolled. The instructor is master woodwind technician Bruce Marking, who was formerly the repair technician for Buffet-Crampon. He just joined us this past July. Some of our students started to earn income after just 6 weeks, so you will learn and start to earn pretty quickly too we suspect. Our saxophone course starts at the end of January and we will also be offering Flute next June, and clarinet again in September.

Our program has an amazingly diverse group of people in it: performers, band directors, freelance musicians, private lesson teachers, conductors, retired musicians, and even a few outside of the industry who are interested in learning about repair.

We still have a few more spaces open. You can sign up by 1/6, class is limited to 15 people. $250 reserves your spot. Here are the links to our repair brochure:
You can call to reserve your spot 847-774-2938 if you like.

If I can answer any questions, don’t hesitate to ask here or call.

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday and prosperous start to 2021.


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Thanks for posting here, @lisacanning!

Hopefully someone here can take advantage of the course. I was a part time apprentice before my teaching studio really took off. What I learned has been extremely helpful not only with my own horns, but with making adjustments to my students’ instruments as well. Adjusting bridge keys, octave keys, and the goose foot for my students has probably saved a lot of time.