Doubling cases

I’ve been using an Altieri alto flute backpack for several years. It’s certainly held up. I forget where I got the idea, but when I contacted the company that’s what they recommended for clarinet/flute/piccolo, but they also took the dimensions of all my cases. It was very snug on my clarinet case, though I’ve since purchased a protec slim one that fits well. I also keep tons of horn stands in it as well, so it can get crazy heavy. Being a backpack, my other hands are free to carry other horns.

DeMarius Jackson recently posted a video about his doubling case. It looks like a great solution. Possibly a few small downsides, the biggest being the piccolo needs to be in one piece although you could probably keep it in the original case until you need to travel with it. DeMarius is a great follow on YouTube.

What’s your doubling case solution?

My doubling needs change from gig to gig, so I put small instruments, music, lights, wires, small instrument stands etc. in one of about four teachers’ book bags of various sizes. I have one that will hold a small Toyota if necessary. It’s not sexy, but effective.

I needed 5 instruments plus stands, etc. My BAM BC backpack case has a large pocket that held my sop clarinet and flute. Had a long skinny shoulder bag for music stand, BC stand, TSax++ stand. Hand carried TSax and Sop Sax.

Other times I’ve used a large travel tote if no BC and ~3 other instruments of stuff. My ASax, TSax, and BC cases all have backpack straps so largest one of those I bring is on my back.

I haven’t yet needed TSax + ASax + BC. If I ever do I’ll need to bring a wagon.