Flute Warm-ups

My personal flute journey is probably more moderate than some here. I had good teachers, but flute was always a section of a lesson not the focus. Only once did I have a full time flute teacher and that didn’t last very long. So I am curious as to what warm-ups are important? Here’s what’s stuck with me over the years.

  1. De La Sonorite -Moyse #1

    • slow repeated half steps w/dynamics from B
  2. Tone Matching

    • slurred chromatic intervals from mid/high B (B-A#-B-A-B-G#)
  3. Low notes - 6/8 time

    • working up and down 4 chromatic notes at a time w/dynamics (f, p, f > p, p < f) from low A

I’m forgetting where those last two come from, as my notes and some books are at my studio.

What are some flute warm-ups that are a part of your practice routine, or that you teach regularly?

I hope to get a flute again soon and really learn properly this time. First I need to find a decent flute at a low price…