Got a 'new' mouthpiece

An American friend on a clarinet forum sent me a hard rubber Noblet 2V mouthpiece and Fibracell reed. Needs a clean up but straight away I got a strong clear note from it. Seems easier blowing than my current Yamaha 4C mouthpiece.
The reed looks remarkably like a cane reed, but with a shiny coating. I’ve given the mpc a clean with an Dettol antibacterial wipe and it will interesting to try it out tomorrow.

I’ve played Fibracells in the past. They’ve been around for quite some time. They don’t quite have the marketing or RnD budget as the big boys do.

Noblet was probably made by Leblanc some time ago, and I would guess probably copying Selmer mouthpieces of that time. Being hard rubber and of age, hopefully the table is still flat. But if you’re getting a good sound out of it already I’m sure it’s fine. Yamaha 4C is fine, but getting a hard rubber mouthpiece will be an upgrade.

Its funny, but the Noblet sounds quite bright, almost nasal compared to the Yamaha. It makes my clarinet sound like a sax! Not too keen to be honest, though probably better for jazz once I get used to it.
As for the Fibracell, well I won’t be using it
Its a 1.5, far too light, its like paper!

Here is a comparison video