Happy Birthday Pepper Adams! (b. 10/8/1930)

Share your favorite Pepper Adams recordings and stories!

Pepper was the man. An amazing player, he completely redefined the role and sound of the baritone sax.

An outstanding biography of Adams was just released. You can find it here:


Pepper had a fascinating, difficult, challenging life, and his story is really enthralling. This is well worth the read. A very cool feature of this bio is that, since it is an e-book, it is filled with links to audio and video clips of his performances. So, when the author says something like “On this date, Pepper played Tune X with So-and-So,” he has embedded a hyperlink to a recording stored on the book website. Very cool!

(Full disclosure: I was fortunate to have been asked by the author, Gary Carner, to proofread the book while he was writing it; I’ve read each chapter three times! I did this as a labor of love, as Gary has himself, and I receive no compensation from any book sales.)

If you love Pepper, the history of jazz, or even American history (Carner does an outstanding job of contextualizing Pepper’s life within the turmoil of American sociopolitics during the mid-1900’s), this book is for you!

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