How do Y'all do It?


I’ve been wanting to learn about instrument repair and picked up a bundle of 4 Flutes for very cheap on Goodwill Auction. I disassembled one, cleaned it up and replaced some pads on it. I know all the pads are not perfect on it but all the keys look well regulated on it.

When I tried playing it I could barely get any notes out and I started to get a little lite headed. My nephew tried it and could get it to play holding all the keys down. He was a Baritone / Euphonium player in school and never played the flute or any woodwind. :slight_smile:

So far it’s the only wind instrument I’ve tried and wasn’t able to get a sound out of so easily. I always assumed (incorrectly) that in regards to embachure, air support, reed selections and adjustments y’all had it easy. :slight_smile: I can play a low A on a Baritone Saxophone and not get that winded!
I’ll stick to the saxophones for now.

Disassembly and reassembly wasn’t that hard to figure out on the Flute. I do like how the pads are held in place on them. Once I finish with them I’ll probably sell them at cost or give them to a beginning band student. One will be used for parts and what’s left turned into a lamp. It’s a Chinese made instrument and was missing pieces when I got it. The other 3 will need some cases.

I respect your ambition Gasax! You may need a little additional input to get you started on flute playing and flute repair. Unlike sax and to some extent clarinet, if a flute has what seem like insignificant leaks, which may be impossible to see, even the best flutist will not be able to play it successfully. Also the play test is the ultimate test to determine if the flute is in good repair. I suggest that you take your instrument to a good flutist to play test it and to get some beginner tips. There are also lots of Youtube videos on how to use feeler gages to check how well the pads are seated and that cover other flute repair topics. It’s a deep dive. Good luck!