Légère bassoon reed impressions/demo

Well, I bit the bullet. I picked up a medium Légère bassoon reed. In true Midwest fashion, I must say I did not pay full price ($150!). It was already discounted, add in a fall accessories coupon code, plus my points for being a regular shopper (which I also earned on the back end). I was due for new reeds anyways, and it ended up being a little more (but not much) than I would’ve spent buying 3 professionally made reeds.

It comes in a nice case!

It’s a little awkward to get out, you need to handle it by the throat, as the bottom is very secure.

Overall, it plays well!

I was concerned, the box said “Classic” and I never liked their “Classic” saxophone reeds. But the blades were well shaped, with a nice and even aperture. But it plays, feels, and sounds just like any other reed. It will be perfect for playing duets with students, but not having to deal with soaking them prior to the lessons. If I was playing a bit more, I’d be tempted to try the medium hard. Not that it feels too soft, it doesn’t. It was easy to play without feeling like tissue paper. The price point is just hard to swallow to try the harder strength, and I would check in with their return department first to make sure it would be ok to exchange the MH for a M beforehand.

Here’s a short demo video I made:

Have you tried Légère bassoon reeds? What did you think?