Legere oboe reeds

I’m experimenting with Legere European cut oboe reeds. My hope is that, unlike cane reeds, they will play the same every time I pick up my oboe. This would be soooo very useful when doubling on various woodwinds. (As in when you’ve been playing sax, piccolo and clarinet for 20 minutes and then you are expected to pick up the oboe and play a beautiful exposed solo.)

As an American scrape player, the initial trials have yielded mixed results. I’ve had better luck by adopting a European style embouchure, which apparently uses a lot of smile as opposed to “oo” shape. The Euro style embouchure also apparently involves significant double lip bite pressure, which contrasts with the American style embouchure. Note that I’m the farthest thing from an expert on he European embouchure.

The pitch with the European embouchure seems to be much better. The reed definitely plays more consistently the same than my cane reeds and has lasted pretty well so far. I’m OK with its tone. At $120 per reed, it’s going to have to earn it’s keep. However, if it really makes doubling on oboe less scary, I’m all in.

I should mention that I had to gently sand the bottom couple of centimeters of the outside of the tube and bottom wire (which holds the two pieces of plastic together). This was to prevent the reed from getting stuck in the socket of my Loree AK oboe. After the fine sanding everything fit well.

I believe that Legere is currently working on an American scrape reed that is not ready for release yet. Should be interesting when it is available.

Please comment or add any useful info if you have any experience with the Loree synthetic, European cut oboe reed or another similar product. Thanks!

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Hi, european player here.
If you experiment with «european» embochure: do not smile, it will weaken the whole structure. Do not bite, it may damage your lips. It should be enough to lift the oboe to approach 90*, and not open your mouth too much.

Thank you so much Joe! I’m looking at Albrecht Mayer’s embouchure. Looks a bit like he pulls his corners downward. Do you have any input on that? Thanks again.