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I’m Glen Quarrie. I grew up in Ligonier, PA, went to music school in Pittsburgh, PA and Bloomington, IN, lived in Pittsburgh for 20 years and now reside in Brookfield, WI, a suburb of Milwaukee.

I play flutes, clarinets, saxophones and oboes

I try to listen to all sorts of music, but tend to play a lot of musical theater, jazz and classical music. It’s all good!

I tend to like carbs, but am a fan of most cuisines.

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Hi everyone! I’m Luke. I’m from Madison, WI.

I play the saxes (SATB), Clarinets (Bb, bass), and the flute & picc.

I’m into a lot of different styles, funk, jazz (big band, larger combo), Latin, as well as the ever popular pit orchestra.

Cannonball Adderley is my absolute favorite sax player of all time, which I guess is an inspiration by default. That and the sax section of the Big Phat Band. Those guys are animals.

I’ll eat just about anything that’s done with care.

Hello! I’m Allison, owner of Summit Horn Repair in Acworth, GA. I’ve been repairing professionally since graduating from Western Iowa Tech’s BIR program in 2010. Ive been an active member on WIT’s advisory committee for the band instrument repair program since 2012 and a NAPBIRT Regional Director 2019-2021.

I love working on woodwinds, especially when a challenge I haven’t encountered before arises. My favorites are Signet clarinets and vintage King and Martin saxes- they just sound so rich!

Recently, my fiancé and I (also a tech) have been getting into surf rock: the Ventures, Los Straightjackets, etc

We cook tons of creole-New Orleans style dinners 4-5 nights a week (he’s from just north of NOLA) and it’s been the best food I’ve ever eaten!

Hi friends!

My name is Olivia, writing to y’all from Milwaukee, WI. I play flutes, clarinets, and saxophones.

This week I’ve been listening to Bedouine, Joanna Newsom, and Fiona Apple, which google says fall under the generic umbrella of “Indie chamber freak folk avant-garde baroque pop”. Some all-time faves: Amy Winehouse, Erroll Garner, and Willie Nelson.

After being vegetarian for about 10 years, I’m trying to graduate to veganism. I’m hanging by a thread, but that thread is Thai food and oreos :slight_smile:

I”m Tom from New York State (not the city).
Basically a classical saxophonist, mostly alto & soprano.
Also play some big band bari.
Former Army Bandsman and HS band director.
Currently playing in the Westchester Symphonic Winds, an outstanding community based 60 piece concert band.
Love my new Yani horns and my old Mark VI.

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Who are you and where are you from?
Edited note: I’m a double reed enthusiast. I live in Joliet, Illinois (50 minute drive from Chicago)
What do you play?
Oboe, English horn & bassoon
What music inspires you?
Classical from around the world
What is your favorite food?

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Hi my name is Marc and I’m from Canada . I just started learning how to play the alto saxophone for about two months. I practice when I can because busy with the family and work full time. I just play when I am alone because my kids think I’m loud. LOL.

The music that I’m into is RnB, hip hop and alternative. Right now trying to listen to more jazz music.

My favourite food is pizza, popcorn and let’s at veggies in there gotta be healthy right? LOL

My goal at the moment is to learn how to play a whole new world. I started it and watch the YouTube videos that has tabs. I m still learning how to read sheet music.

Also I would like to upgrade my saxophone with in a year or so. The saxophone I have is good, but a bit old like back in the 90’s

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Who are you and where are you from?
I am Dan Geer. I have served in ministry for more than 30 years. I am married, have 5 children, and 8 grand children (so far). We live in Mishawaka, Indiana, next door to Elkhart, Indiana, where some of the best saxophones of the past were produced. There are many small antique shops here that have vintage instruments unbeknownst to them. I am involved in a new school start-up, Virtue Bible Institute
What do you play?
I have played sax, flute. clarinet, and keys, but currently own 2 tenors and an alto sax. I play worship twice per week.
What music inspires you?
Jazz, but not fusion.
What is your favorite food?
Good Mexican, not Taco Bell

Bill Hausmann, currently in the St. Louis area where I grew up, but spent 30 years away from here due to Air Force service (not music related), etc.

I play clarinets and saxes, and own way too many of them, partly because I also work as a woodwind tech and I geek out on the toys!

Big band music is my primary love, but I also play pit work and concert band. I’m not picky.

Steak, seafood, fried chicken, Italian. I’m not that picky there, either.

Hi all. I’m Frank Watson from Spartanburg, SC. I’m 72 yrs old, and primarily a Symphony Bassoonist, although I double on all other woodwinds. I enjoy playing pit orchestras for bway shows, backing up all sorts of musical acts from Aretha Franklin to Glenn Campbell and everything in between. My current passion is learning to make better oboe reeds. Like many others, the pandemic has put a real damper on my gig playing, but things are starting to show signs of renewal and I’m looking forward to resuming playing in the fall.

I c ouldn’t figure out how to do this on the introduction page

Who am I and where am I from?
Chuck Petterson from Washington Township, Harrison County, Iowa, USA

What do you play?
Bassoon . Recovering sax and flute /piccolo player

What music inspires you?
Mostly Jazz.

What is your favorite food?
Any kind of cheese, although I spend way too much money on cheddar cheese curds.

I started bassoon at age 72 after decades of “advancing amateur” skill level on saxophone. bassoon is a challenge and I believe one needs challenges to ensure longevity. I was able to trade a Mark VI alto for a really nice, new, German bassoon that I love. My teacher is 90 miles away in Clarinda, Iowa.

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Lee Pulliam is my name. I play sax, flute, clarinet and EWI. Jazz and classical. From Fort Worth TX, University of North Texas Bachelor of Music 1975, 1 yr towards Masters in performance. Lead alto 1:00 Lab Band 71 & 73. Studied with Jim Riggs & Joe Viola at Berklee. Anchorage, AK and currently Conifer CO (mountains outside Denver). AKSAXO Jazz is my solo or larger band: Private teacher since high school. Good music inspires me, whether jazz, rock or whatever. Mexican food is probably my overall favorite…

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Hi all. I have played Classical Violin for over 40 years but have decided to return to Alto Sax and Clarinet which I played professionally 60 plus years ago. I am a classical/big band reader rather than a jazz instrumentalist.

I live North West UK south of a city you may of heard of Liverpool.

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