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Hi, my name’s Joy and I live on the south coast of England. I play clarinet which I started to learn on my 60th birthday, 2 1/2 years ago, when my husband surprised me with one as a gift. I love it! I played piano many years ago and also play folk guitar and a bit of classical guitar, but it’s the clarinet I really spend time playing every day.
I like listening to a wide variety of music, but on clarinet I enjoy classical pieces as well as tunes from musicals, some old ‘big band’ stuff and pop from the 60s and 70s.

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Who are you and where are you from?
I’m Roberto Marcenaro from Montevideo, Uruguay. I’m software engineer and saxophone beginner.

What do you play?

What music inspires you?
I like listening all of kind of music. I love Blues. Currently listening to jazz, funk to training my ear.

What is your favorite food?
Italian food and some Uruguayan classics like ‘asado’ or ‘milanesas’ ;).

Hi, Becky from Michigan. Studied to be a professional flutist, found more fun as a hobbyist. I live in Michigan and play flute but recently took up sax and clarinet so I could be more versatile. My favorite gigs are musical pit orchestras even though most of it is volunteer work.


I’m Glen Quarrie. I grew up in Ligonier, PA, went to music school in Pittsburgh, PA and Bloomington, IN, lived in Pittsburgh for 20 years and now reside in Brookfield, WI, a suburb of Milwaukee.

I play flutes, clarinets, saxophones and oboes

I try to listen to all sorts of music, but tend to play a lot of musical theater, jazz and classical music. It’s all good!

I tend to like carbs, but am a fan of most cuisines.

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