Music display software for tablets and computers

I’m thinking about making the leap to reading music from a tablet or pc on gigs. I have experimented with it a bit in the past using more affordable 10 inch Apple and Android tablets, but the screen size just didn’t cut it for me. Can the 47 Reeds community recommend some large format (about 12 inches) solutions? I’m curious about the best software/apps for Apple, Android and Windows as well as some affordable hardware. Sorry to be so far behind on the curve. Thanks!

iPad Pro 12.9 inch screen, with the UnRealBook app works really well.

Definitely the iPad Pro 12.9, with the Forscore app, and a good scanning app on your phone. Better yet if you can find an older generation (3rd or 4th) to save dough. Apple just announced a 5th gen, but it would be ridiculously expensive if all you’re going to do is use it as a music reader. Let me know if you want a demo. Forscore has some great practicing tools integrated.

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