Playing in the second octave

An attempt at playing with the register key pressed. Takes much more tightness in the embouchure.

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You might need to get your Clarinet checked for leaks or adjustments.

Not a Clarinet player but it sorta sounds like you’re taking in too much mouthpiece and maybe biting. Curl the bottom lip completely over your bottom teeth and tighten your embachure just enough to keep the air from escaping from around the mouthpiece.

I took a few lessons in college on the Clarinet but that’s been in the late 90s. But some of the stuff is similar to the Saxophone. :slight_smile:

Thanks but its not leaking, its just my weak embouchure

I hope you won’t mind a comment from a fellow beginner, but I wonder if it might help to have your music placed higher up so that you look straight ahead at it as it looks as if your head is tilted slightly downwards. I find that raising my music stand helped my breath support. Well done for getting over the break.

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Ah I’m not playing from sheet music here, I’m playing from memory. But yes,I do need to keep my head up.

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