Tip: Use Mobile Apps!

Dear Reeders,

Did you know there’s a way to turn this site into a mobile app? And there’s a second app that you can use to follow your favorite woodwind community forum, along with other Discourse forums and get all of your notifications in one place. I’ve been using the second one for several years, it’s pretty slick.

I built this community forum using open source software called Discourse. Outside of the music world, it’s a pretty popular platform and is very well supported within the open source community.

Built in to iOS (and I imagine Android as well), is the ability to turn sites like 47reeds.com into their own separate apps. Screen shots and instructions below are for iOS, if anyone wants to post instructions for Android, that would be greatly appreciated!

First you load 47reeds.com into Safari, hit the “share sheet” symbol

Then, touch “Add to Home Screen”

That’s basically it! Sign in and enjoy!


The developers of Discourse also created Discourse Hub, an app that centralizes all of your Discourse communities for easy browsing, posting, and notifications. It’s free as in reeds, available in on both iOS and Android platforms.

First, download from your preferred App Store:

App Store [Apple/iOS]

Google Play Store [Android]

Open the app to add your favorite Discourse forums


Don’t forget the ‘www’


Happy posting!

If there’s any more tips you’d like to see, please comment below.