Tom Scott's Podcast Express

Tom Scott is one of my favorite musicians. He’s been in the recording industry his whole life, and is certainly an A-lister for commercial and jazz music. He was making short YouTube videos of himself telling stories, although they have seemingly disappeared. He’s now putting out a podcast with him interviewing other A-list recording artists. So far there are only 3 episodes featuring Eric Church, Vanessa Williams, and Herb Alpert. Episodes are about 30+ minutes long. Discussion is not limited to music (might not want to have kids near by just in case [language]). I really like these long form interviews that feel like real conversations, that aren’t manufactured by a PR department. Who knows how long these will last, if Tom gets busier as work in LA opens up. For now, I will enjoy it and I hope you will too.

Very cool. For those who remember Leonard Feather and Downbeat Magazine’s “Blindfold Test”, Tom Scott was one of his “victims” and could not finger the name of the group performing Feather’s choice of Brown Boy from the Wizard Album by Matrix, circa 1977.