Trying out Rico Royals strength 3

Ok so I’m trying out Rico Royals strength 3. At first all I got was air, but I guess new reeds need warming up. I first tried one with the Noblet 2V mpc, and while it improved things it was a struggle. Much easier to play on the Yamaha 4C, with no squeaks at all, which surprised me!
First, on the Noblet

Then the Yamaha

I agree. It sounds good on the 4C. Hopefully they all play that way.

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So far 2 do, as I swapped them over

I thought it sounded best on the Yamaha 4C too. I’ve been reading about matching reeds to mouthpieces and on the Dawkes site it recommends what it calls American cut reeds for certain mouthpieces, including the 4C and the Backun Vocalise which is the one I use. I have just bought a Vandoren 56 Rue Lepic reed but haven’t tried it yet.

Yea I normally use a Légère European Cut 2.5 synthetic on the 4C