What brand of clarinet reeds do you prefer?

  • Vandoren (Juno)
  • D’Addario (Rico/LaVoz)
  • Rigotti
  • Légère
  • Other

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Please detail your choice below!

I like Legeres the past couple years (since European Cut came out). For cane I like Mitchell Lurie. Grew up on Vandorens.

Right now , Légère European cut. I’ve not had a great deal of experience with different reeds, having only tried Ricos and Vandorens. But both were so inconsistent. The Légère was like a breath of fresh air. Albeit an expensive breath…

For most horns, I’ve switched to D’Addario. Some years ago I felt they were way more consistent than Vandoren. I still recommend Vandoren to my students, as the local stores only mostly stock blue box Vandoren and Rico. That said, I also enjoy a Légère on my bass clarinet, it feels and sounds great, just like the D’Addario reed I have. Only issue is their strength being way off from what I first thought, but they fixed that by mail. I’ve one or two for sax over the years, but I never liked articulating on those. Feels fine on bass clarinet though.

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I’ve used Vandoren 2.5s since maybe 1975. Before that I played on Mitchell Lurie 3s for a while and experimented with a couple of others. I always practice with a Legere 2, but would not use it for performances or rehearsals.

Steuer Clarinet Reeds.

It depends. I use mostly Vandoren ZZ on tenor sax, Java on alto, LaVoz on bari. Mitchell Lurie on clarinet. Bari synthetic on bass clarinet (had one I hated on tenor, tried it on the bass as a lark and was astonished!). Légère on clarinet when doubling.