What brand of saxophone reeds do you prefer?

  • Vandoren (Juno)
  • D’Addario (Rico/LaVoz)
  • Rigotti
  • Légère
  • Fibracell
  • Other

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Please detail your choice in a reply!

Big fan of Legere Signature Cut and the even better American Cut, but I also have Rico Royal & Rigotti Gold for Alto and Vandoren Java Red for Sop.

Been using Vandoren (blue box) but am trying a box of My Masterpiece Reeds on my Bari.

Legere is my winner because that’s what I use mostly as a doubler! I always have a box of Vandoren V12s for Alto, V16s for Sop and Trads for Tenor/Bari to fall back on though.

I use D’Addario Unfiled Jazz Selects on my jazz set ups on Alto and Tenor, Vandoren V12’s on my Soprano, Classical Alto, Classical Tenor set ups and Vandoren Blue Box on my Bari set up