What brand(s) of saxophone do you play?

  • Selmer (Paris)
  • Yamaha
  • Yanagisawa
  • Keilwerth
  • Cannonball
  • P. Mauriat
  • Jupiter
  • Vito
  • Selmer (USA)
  • Conn
  • King
  • Other (comment below)

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Pick as many horns as you own.

Comment below if I missed any, or tell us what you like about your horns!

Play a Yani soprano, an antique CG Conn alto, own a older CG Conn bari, A Buescher Tenor and a Bundy tenor and my original junk student level Yamaha alto from 1980…

I used to have a Buescher 400 tenor and alto. The alto was the Top Hat and Cane model. The tenor was a late-model pile of junk.

They were both supplanted by selmers - a Mark VI alto and a Balanced Action tenor, so I don’t see it as a great loss.

Sopranino - Jinbao
Soprano - Cannonball
Alto - Buffet 400 / King 660
Tenor - Cannonball / King Super 20
Baritone - Cannonball
Bass - Sakkusu