What reed 'seat' do you typically play?

Hi all!
As a woodwind doubler, the majority of my work is in the theatre - and I’m sure the same could be said for a lot of you!
Which reed seat do you typically sit in, based on what you are most comfortable playing?

I’m going by what you would perhaps typically see in a 5 reed line up -
1 - flute (picc), alto sax, Bb clari
2 - Bb clari, flute, alto sax
3 - oboe (cor anglais), tenor sax, Bb clari
4 - tenor sax, bass clari, Bb clari
5 - bari sax, bass clari, (bassoon)

I’m a typical seat 1! Flute was my first instrument and I picked up sax and clarinet at a later date, so flute heavy pads were my forte for a while before I really dug my teeth into sax + clari later at university. Since finishing my masters in doubling though, I’ve been enjoying that new found versatility and taking whatever seats I can!

Since I now digitize all my books, it was easy to look back. Turns out I’m kind of a mix of 1s, 2s, 3s (no oboe though), and some bassoon only. I don’t typically get a flute heavy book. Although I somehow got stuck with WW1 when I played with Johnny Mathis the 2nd time (played WW4 the first time, the older vets didn’t want the WW1 part). It was manageable, though I remember one tune would’ve been difficult on flute that was thankfully cut. I think that book called for 5 doubles, and the extra doubling dough paid for an alto flute that I needed on the gig.

I try to play the flute book (often reed 1) whenever I can, but am often put on the clarinet book typically reed 2) because apparently guys play clarinet and girls play flute. Hmm…

reed 5. Seems it is hard to find a single reed/ bassoon doubler. Not to mention no one wants to lug around the big boys.