Which reed?

I started using synthetic reeds about 6 months ago but can’t decide whether to stick with them or go back to cane reeds. My current synthetic one is a Legere Signature 2 1/4 and previously I was using Rico Royal 2.5.
What I like about the Legere reed is the lack of fuss - i just put it on and it plays consistently every day, and is immediately responsive.
However I have just recorded myself playing the same simple piece twice using different reeds and wonder if the sound is better with the cane reed.
Here is my video - I’d appreciate opinions.

I like the sound of the cane reed. But I understand about the lack of fuss and consistency. My playing has been limited to my basement during teaching, so I’ve been slowly moving towards synthetics. Plus I have some instruments that don’t get to see the light of day often, so having a synthetic in the case is helpful.

Here’s a question, how does the Royal 2.5 strength compare to the Legere Sig 2.25? Is one a littler easier to blow into, or about the same?

I find the Legere chart to be quite troublesome. Following their chart, the Sig 2.25, would be much harder compared to the Royal. Because they list D’Addario softer than a Vandoren. But if you correct it with the D’Addario chart (where Vandoren/D’Addario are roughly aligned), then your 2 reeds might be closer in strength than the chart shows.

On my list of to dos is to make a spreadsheet that makes for easier to compare reed strengths.

Rico/Royal/Juno are student level reeds. They’re less expensive, because beginning young students tend to break reed often. D’Addario/Vandoren are more expensive (as is Legere), but they are higher quality.

Thanks for listening to my recording. I agree - I too prefer the sound of the cane reed on that piece. But today I tried using cane reeds and wasted so much time trying to get one to respond properly.
I’ve been thinking about using the Legere to work at pieces that I find difficult and then swapping to a cane reed when I’ve got the basics of pitch and rhythm sorted to work at sound quality / dynamaics
Perhaps I should buy a pack of better quality cane reeds and see how I get on.

To answer your question, I’m finding the Legere 2.25 slightly easier to play than the Rico Royal 2.5. One of the things I like about the Legere is that it is immediately responsive. I certainly couldn’t manage anything harder than 2.5.

The video isn’t playing on my end. But I’ve tried a Legere reed on my Tenor although I was impressed with it I still think the cane reeds are better.

I noticed with mine the longer I played the more buzzy and edgy the Legere reed sounded in the mid range notes.

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Reed preferences vary so much I’ll just give you mine. For decades I used Vandoren 2.5s and still do for all rehearsals, performances. Recently (3 years) I have used a Legere (plastic) 2.0 just for practicing-- was advised to go a half strength less than the wood I use. Yes, no fuss, always the same, but I would never use the plastic one in public. Saves a lot of $ on reeds though.

I decided to try some different cane reeds and looked for ones recommended for my mouthpiece, a Backun Vocalise G. I have found I really like Gonzalez (a brand I hadn’t heard of), using 2.5 and also Vandoren 56 Rue Lepic in 3.0. I’m actually pleased with how my tone has developed since I posted the video on this thread - not intended to be a boast but just pleased that my daily practise is proving worthwhile.

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