WSMA Virtual S/E

My adjudication forms for the 2020-2021 Solo/Ensemble festivals have been submitted. With many virtual participants this year, how are students being prepped to submit a video? From phones? From the family video camera? External mic? Internal mic? Thoughts and comments, please.

Only thing I’ve heard is that one of my schools might be doing a November solo festival. I actually doubt that’ll happen now that the kids returned to full time from their hybrid model. I think it was a fall back if everything was virtual.

So I don’t know if they were prepped with any info from WSMA or their schools, but personally I recommended students get mics for their devices, if not for my own sanity. A few have upgraded and it sounds WAY better.

For clarification, here is the WSMA link concerning the Virtual Festivals:

Do they record it and then upload it or is it a live video teleconference type performance at a scheduled time in front of a judge? Either way I would imagine it would reduce some of the anxiety etc, performing in person, in front of a judge.

If the students are in school, hopefully their school will have decent equipment to accommodate them with this matter. Otherwise you can only use what you got.

FWIW a lot of the YouTube videos I’ve watched that were recorded on cell phones sound fairly well.

Hello, Thank you for the interaction. Students submit a recording, permissioned to those with the link. I am looking forward to being part of this new era and platform for solo/ensemble.

I guess it’s the best that can be done under the circumstances. IMO the experience of playing, in person in front of a judge and spectators makes for a better musician in the long run.

Even if they don’t continue on with music the experiences, discipline used to master the music and concepts learned can help them in other professions.